Sex Stories : WPC ( Woman Police Cunstable )

Part One – Deep Throat Ten


She’d moved them on once too often. She was always acting so tough

and stuck up and treated them like they were shit. Maybe they were,

but that wasn’t the point, how dare she treat them like that.


WPC Forbes pulled up in the police car on the night they decided to

teach her a lesson. She got out and stood in front of the six lads.

It was a warm night her tunic was buttoned covering her firm body.

Her back knee length dress covered her stocking clad legs. They were

athletic legs. Her chequered cravat hid the crisp white blouse. On

her short brown hair she wore the regulation helmet, black with a

chequered band and police emblem on the front.


“Here again are we?” she moved forward her truncheon in one hand.


“Yeah,” said the first boy, “we’re here again.”


“What have I told you?” she asked.


“You gonna move us on again?” another boy asked.


“Give the kid a gold fish. ‘Cause I’m going to fucking move you on

you stupid pratt.”


“You got a strap for that hat?” the black boy asked.


She was thrown by the question, “Why?”


“Have you?”


“Yes.” She was bemused, “I’ve a chin strap, we wear it in riot



“So your hat don’t fall off?” the other West Indian boy asked.


“Yes, of course.”


“Put it on,” the first boy moved forward, “show us, put it on.”




“Humour us,” the first West Indian boy noted their four other friends

had arrived and where standing behind WPC Forbes, unknown to her.


“Huh?” she smiled, “okay, if it amuses you.” She quickly did up her

chinstrap, “satisfied?”


“Very.” The first boy grinned.




“Well it’s a fetish,” the black boy grinned, “when we all face fuck

you we don’t want your hat to fall off.”


And with that the ten boys attacked the thirty one-year-old WPC in the

deserted shopping centre.


While they struggled with the policewoman they took turns at having a

quick grope. A hand would come out and squeeze her tits threw her

tunic and blouse. Another hand would go up her dress and finger

furiously at her knickered pussy.


The first thing the boys did when they jumped WPC Forbes was grab for

her nightstick. The large truncheon swayed towards the boy’s heads as

they ran forward but the four lads behind grabbed her arms. The stick

fell to the floor. The first West Indian boy (Rob) picked it up he

knew this would be used on the WPC later, as a big black dildo.


Four boys on her arms left her legs. She tried to kick and the others

were there, grabbing her stocking covered legs.


Next they knew she’d try and scream for help. The second West Indian

boy (Jake) had a plan for that. He took out the large plastic dildo

he’d stolen from his sister and as WPC Forbes opened her mouth he

shoved it in. He pushed it in deep until he heard her gag on it. He

shivered slightly imagining his dick gagging the policewoman.


The bundled of boys and policewoman fell to the floor. The first boy

(Dave) sat on her chest. Now she was under their control. Two boys

on each arm, two boys on each leg, one on her chest and another

shoving a black dildo down her throat.


“You do what we want and we won’t hurt you,” Dave said.


“Much,” grinned the second white boy (Pete).


“We’re going to teach you a lesson, a little about police and the

community. For far too long the police have fucked the community,

well, the times they are a changing. Time for….”


All the boys cheered, “The community to fuck the police!”


“Now,” Jake said prodding the salvia stained plastic cock filling WPC

Forbes’ mouth, “get used to this but the taste will not always be

plastic. Later it was be meat, hard cock meat.”


“We’re going to fuck your throat, your pussy and your tits,” explained

Dave, “and if you really piss us off we’ll fuck your arse.”


“DP!” Pete giggled,” we could DP her. DP the WPC?”


“DP the WPC?” Dave grinned, “nice idea. Do you know what DP is WPC?”


WPC Forbes nodded. She knew exactly what it meant. She knew she’d

better not piss them off. She’d never been fucked up the arse before;

she’d never given tit fuck either, or deep throated anyone, not even

her boyfriend.


“Stockings or tights?” Jake asked the boys by her legs.


“Believe it or not,” Colin replied as he ran his hand up her leg, “we

have stocking tops and….and we have suspenders!”


“God, I’m hard already,” Dave leant down and kissed Forbes’ police

emblem, “I’ve always had a things about policewomen. There’s

something about the uniform that makes me want to cum all over it.”


Jake pushed the dildo in slightly further; “We can’t sit here all

night. Let’s get this party going. Ted! Have you go the video



Ted was holding one of the woman’s arms, “It’s in the car, I’ll go and

get it.” He left Kim to hold Forbes’s arm. Kim a small lad decided

the easiest way was to sit on the policewoman’s arm.


Suddenly the boys rose and dragged WPC Forbes up. She saw that each

boy was about 16 and all of them were shorter than her.


“Kneel down officer,” Dave said


Reluctantly WPC Forbes knelt in front of Dave.


“There’s ten of us,” Dave held on to the policewoman’s head, “ten

throat fucks. Some are big some are small but all are going down your

throat, nod if you understand.”


She nodded.


“When I take the dildo out, if you scream, that’ll piss us off, if you

bite, that’ll piss us off and if you piss us off I’ll make sure we

shove two cocks up you’re arse and your torch up you cunt. Do you



She nodded.


He pulled the dildo out, she gasped for air, “Uuugghhh, you don’t have

to do this.”


“No we don’t,” he undid his trousers, the video camera switched on and

focused at WPC Forbes’ gasping mouth, “but we want to. “ His cock

popped out already hard and about eight inches, “I am blessed with one

of the bigger cocks in the group. Now hold still,” he held the back

of her head firmly grasping her police hat, “Are we in focus?”


“We’re there,” Ted responded.


“Have you got her whole head in, hat and all?”


“Yes Dave you fucking perfectionist.”


“Right,” Dave took his thick dick in hand, pre cum glistening on the

mushroom head, “Gang Bang videos present,” with each word he slapped

WPC Forbes’s face with his fat cock, once on each cheek, then twice on

her nose, “Woman Police Cuntstable Forbes,” again slaps with each word

now on her eyes and forehead, “in Deep Throat Ten!”


His put his cock head in line with her mouth.


“Kiss it.”


Woman Police Constable Forbes couldn’t believe herself as she kissed

his sweaty sticky prick.


“Kiss the piss slit.”


The WPC kissed it again and this time he pushed and his cock was in

her mouth.


“Hold her!”


Dave pushed in further as Jake and Pete grabbed the WPC’s head forcing

her onto his cock. The boys cheered as they saw Dave’s cock push out

the policewoman’s cheek. He rubbed it against the inside of her mouth

savouring the moment while his friends held her head in place. He

pulled it out suddenly her lips made a succulent plopping sound. A

string of saliva drooled from his cock head to her lips.


“Are you getting this?” Dave asked as the string of spit swayed in the

night air.


“Sure,” Ted replied, “it’s a picture.”


“Now Woman Police Cuntsable Forbes, it is obvious to me you know

nothing about cock sucking, so it’s lucky for you we came along.” Dave

jerked his cock making the saliva trail disperse.


Dave moved to her again his cock in line with her mouth, “Make you

mouth into an O copper.”


WPC Forbes felt her head being jerked up to face the boy’s thick

glistening prick. Her lips slowly made an O shape.


“Right good copper,” Dave put his hand on top of her police helmet,

“now I’m going to fuck in and out of your mouth. Every time my cock

goes in you suck on it.”


And he did just that for the next few minutes, every time his cock

entered her mouth she sucked, he demanded she make more noise and in

the end wet sucking sounds were heard ever time he ploughed into her



Then the time came for the deep throating. Jake and Peter held he

head tightly as Dave began to push his eight inch cock deeper into her

mouth. The boys all gathered around, Ted moved in and knelt by WPC

Forbes getting a clear view of Dave’s thick cock sawing in and out of

her salivating mouth.


Four inches were firmly in and not going anywhere. No he was up

against her tonsils felling his cock bump against them. She started

to gag. Jake and Pete pushed her head forward and Dave lunged feeling

another two inches slip in. Dave now gripped her head as well

refusing to remove his cock from her dry heaving mouth, he rocked his

cock back and forth going further each time. By now the brim of her

police hat touched his belly. Dave grunted as he tried to piledrive

another inch into her windpipe.


“Just one more inch cunstable,” he groaned as he rammed the last of

his cock into her throat.


He knew she was almost choking on his prick, but the thought of it

made him shiver, so he let it rest there, lodged in her throat for a

few seconds.


“The grand finale!” he yelled as he began to fuck her face violently,

shoving his prick in until his balls crammed against her teeth and his

cock shoved down her throat. In the middle of one of these plunges he

began to cum. Dave let his thick 8-inch prick rest in her throat

spitting out his first wave of spunk.


“Swallow Officer,” he told the WPC at his feet, “Eat my spunk or else

you’ll choke.”


Somehow she managed the gulp down his salty bolts of jism. Mouthful

after mouthful he fed into her. Knowing this night was coming he

hadn’t wanked for a week to build up his cum load. All of a sudden he

pulled out of her throat and mouth and sent this last wave of spunk

spit directly in her face.


Jake and Pete held her there as Dave spread his sticky seed around her

face and wiped some of it on her chequered band around her police





Dave walked away as Pete came around the front fumbling with his

trousers. His dick was rocked hard and he was almost on the verge of



WPC Forbes was gasping for breath as the boy prised open her mouth and

rammed his five-inch pecker as far as he could go. Rob joined Jake at

holding the constable’s head as Pete started raping the WPC’s face

with sadistic gusto. He knew his cock was smaller than the rest of

the lads but he was going to make her choke just the same.


“Lay her on the floor,” Pete said as he pulled his cock out, the WPC

gasped for air, trying to take as much in before the boy violently

throat fucked her again.


Jake and Rob pulled Forbes to the ground. The other boys held her in

place. Dave had taken over the video and was waiting to see what

little Pete was going to do.


Pete straddled her head putting his knees on her shoulders, then he

forced his cock into her mouth and began doing quick vicious press

ups, pushing his whole body into the lunges that pushed his cock into

WPC Forbes’s throat. Jake and Rob didn’t have to hold her head as

Pete had pinned her to the floor and throat raping the breath out of

the policewoman.


“Fuck,” Ted gasped, “look at him go. Fuck her Pete! Fuck her face



Suddenly Pete screamed so inarticulate sound and lay on her face, his

cock buried deep in her mouth, shouting, “Swallow it! Swallow it!”


WPC Forbes must have swallowed because eventually Pete pulled his cock

out, slapped her face with his cum stained prick and rolled off.


Jake and Rob were next and had decided long ago that they were going

to tag face fuck Woman Police Constable Forbes. They put her back on

her knees allowing her a little time to recover from Pete’s violent



“Tag!” yelled Jake, wiped out his nine-inch cock and shoved in into

the policewoman’s mouth. He fucked in and out for about thirty

seconds then Rob yelled, “Tag!”


Rob’s nine-inch cock was worse than Jake’s as it was thicker. He

pulled the woman’s head off of Jake’s prick and introduced her aching

mouth to his own. She stretched her lips to accommodate the monster

cock as it assaulted her mouth and inched its way into her throat.


“Cock whip break,” said Dave as he moved into to video the poor

coppers bemused face as thick black West Indian cocks slapped her face

without mercy.


“We call this being bitch-slapped,” explained Rob as he shoved his

prick head into her eye and then slapped her cheeks.


“I bet you we could get both our pricks in there,” Jake slapped the

WPC’s hat pre-cum splattering on the black surface.


“Would you like that?” Dave asked WPC Forbes.


She said, “No,” but Rob grabbed the top of her police issue helmet and

made her nod yes.


Both Jake and Rob worked as a team to force their monster cocks into

the policewoman’s mouth. A few minutes later both their cocks were

packed inside her mouth, suffocating her as she sucked for air.


Proudly they presented their handy work to the camera. Dave zoomed

in. Her mouth was as wide as it could get, the skin wriggled below

her nose. Her jaw was pried open and two black hosepipes disappeared

into her cramped mouth. Tears formed in her eyes, she daren’t move and

her nostrils flared.


“Well, fuck her then!” Dave demanded.


With that Jake and Rob began fucking her over extended mouth. Jake

eventually pulled out not really turned on by his dick rubbing against

another dick.


Rob pulled out and let WPC Forbes choke for air.


“Move us on every night!” It was Pete he was back, “have you guys

tried her on her back. It’s great.”


“Yeah, fuck off out of shot Pete,” said Dave.


“Recovered?” Jake asked the policewoman.


Jake grabbed her face and shoved his cock into her mouth. He pulled

her head back and forth, and then he lay on the floor and grabbed her

ears making her head bob up and down on his thick black cock. Every

time he pushed her lower, soon he was pulling her mouth completely off

his cock until only his cockhead was in her mouth then pushed her head

right down so her nose touched his pubes.


He loved the sight of the uniformed officer with her helmet, chin

strap and epaulets bobbing up and down on his cock. He felt her

throat tighten around his prick meat with each lunge and his began to

come as he held her head in his crutch. He held it there and told her

to swallow. She did like a good little copper but he decided to leave

his cock lodged in her throat for another thirty seconds just to watch

her struggle and bit. When he released her she pulled up only to be

slapped around the face by Rob’s thick prick.


The slap was so hard it sent her to the ground. She lay there for a

while trying to gather her sense as Rob stood over and began to feed

his cock into her limp mouth pinning her as Pete did to the concrete



WPC Forbes’s eyes widened as Rob fed more and more of his coke into

her struggling mouth. It was thick like a baby’s arm and the babies

fist was now punching down in her throat. Rob began to fuck furiously

in the squelching policewoman’s mouth. Her throat was now a sea of

saliva and cum which lubricated well as with each push Rob shoved his

prick meat into her gullet.


Her eyes closed tight as she tried not to gag on the onslaught. Rob

grabbed her head and started pulling her up as her pushed down. He

couldn’t believe this suck up WPC was actually eating his cock. Dave

zoomed in on her throat, which bulged with each push proving the huge

West Indian cock was buried as deep as it could go.


“I see it!” Dave yelled, “I have it on film. Woman Police Cuntstable

is trying to swallow a black snake!”


Rob pushed harder, more violently.


“Fucking eat it cuntstable! Fucking eat my cock!” he screamed as he

raped the helpless copper’s mouth.


After what seemed an age he started to cum.


He pulled out of her throat as his cock began to discharge his creamy

load. The boys all heard the policewoman choking and spluttering as

hot spunk boiled into her mouth gushing out of her lips as she tried

not to swallow. She was, of course, forced to gulp down several

thick, hot loads as the black boy’s semen just kept oozing out of his

black baby fist cock.


Finally, there was no more in the long black hose and Rob climbed off

of her face. The white blobs of jism contrasted obscenely with the

policewoman’s hat and chinstrap. WPC Forbes’s mouth was still open,

leaking cum; her lips, eyes and cheeks were covered with a spider’s

web of sperm.


Dave looked at the remaining six boy’s eager to face fuck the haughty



Dave spoke, “Let’s get her inside before we continue. Clean cum face

up a bit. Ted; get rid of her car. See if you can find her

handcuffs. Rob and Colin you carry WPC slut to the shop.”


Jake and Colin lifted the policewoman up. She coughed up some sperm

that drooled down her mouth on to her tunic.


They’d broken into a disused shop the night before as part of their

plan. While Ted drove the cop’s car to a hiding the boys walked the

WPC to what they’d named the fuck factory. It was an empty shop with

a freezer at one end, a couple of chairs and some blankets the boys

had got from home.


The parade to the shop was a sight. Nine boys all with their rock

hard dicks out in the night air carrying an older woman in a full

police uniform. Spunk matting her face dried spunk on her police

helmet and tunic. Every so often she would cough and more of the

boy’s sperm would stain her uniform.


Dave grinned; the party had only just begun.




“We can get rid of this,” Dave said as he started to unbutton WPC

Forbes’s jacket.


While Jake and Colin held her he removed the tunic and admired her

crisp white blouse complimented by her chequered cravat. He took hold

of each her breasts and weighed them in his hands.


“I never thought of a copper having big tits, but you have cuntstable.

WPC Torpedo Tits.”


The boys used the policewoman’s tunic to wipe there cum stained cocks.


WPC Forbes tried to say something but move cum bubbled out of her

invaded mouth.


“Clean her up,” Dave said, ” can’t have the lads getting sloppy

seconds. Or rather fifths.”


Jake and Colin dragged her to a small kitchen at the back of the shop

and soon she was heard gurgling as the made her drink water and spit

it out. They all cleaned her face off knowing a clean face was better

to cum on than a scummy one.


Ted arrived back with Forbes’s handcuffs.


Jake and Colin presented the clean up copper to the boys.


Ted started up the video camera as Dave walked over to her, “Well

you’ve sucked four of us only six more to go. How do you feel?”


“Fuck off you bastard,” she spat.


“You took nine inches down your throat, tell the boys what it felt

like. Nine inches of black anaconda pounding away at your tonsils.”


“She loved it,” said Rob grinning from ear to ear.


“Who have we left,” Dave continued, “let me introduce them. Ted you

may remember you did him for shop lifting last year, he really wants

to plough drive your face believe you me. Kim he’s our Asian friend.

The hairy one is Ron; he’s not thick but he’s very long, 11 inches.

Herbie is our Jamaican friend who just, well, fucking hates the

police, so expect a rough ride with him. Neil and Todd are brothers

who do everything together so expect another double fuck from them.”


“Please,” WPC Forbes whispered, “no more in my mouth.”


“Yes more. Its deep throat ten remember. We’ll start you off easy

this time. Kim she’s all yours!” Dave moved away and the small Korean

boy walked forward.


“I’ll take it easy on you if you do what I say okay?”


WPC Harries nodded.


“You ever corn cobbed a cock before?”


The boys laughed.


“No, what’s corn cobb?” Forbes tired to work out what it could be.


“Easy, kneel down cunt stable.”


The woman knelt in front of the 16-year-old boy who took hold of her

head and rubbed his 6-inch prick on her face. He positioned her so

she was by his side then told her to suck up and down his shaft as he

moved it back and forth.


“Really we need two WPC’s for this. One either side, you got any



She tried to reply but he ordered her to wrap her tongue around his

shaft. She did this and fucked away furiously while the police

officer corn cobbed his cock. After a minute of this more

instructions came from Kim.


“I’m going to put my cock head in you mouth, suck it really hard and

with your hand wank me off. You do this and I won’t make you throat

me. You got that?”


“Mmmm,” was all she could say as every taste bud was invaded by salty

tang of his Asian cock.


“When I cum you swallow every last drop. Every bit or I throat you.

They’ll be a lot, as I haven’t cum for two weeks. I saved it all for

you WPC Forbes, I want you to eat all of my spunk. You got that?”


He didn’t wait for a reply; he quickly repositioned himself a pushing

his thick cock head into her mouth. She closed her eyes and began to

suck as hard as she could, her cheeks hollowing with each eager suck.


“Wank me!” the boy yelled.


WPC Forbes grabbed the root of his cock and began wanking him off in

her mouth as she sucked on his bulbous head.


“It’s like watching a master at work,” Ted said as he watched the

cheeks suck in and out as the policewoman’s hands worked over time on

the thick 16-year-old cock.


“Here I cum, swallow it all!”


Kim held the top of her police helmet and push a little further in as

his cock spewed thick spunk into the suck WPC’s mouth. Instinctively

she started to gulp down eye wave of sperm as it exploded in her

mouth. There was a lot. Her cheeks began to balloon with the amount

of thick hot cum. She swallowed as fast as she could trying not to

let any leak from her mouth or come out of her nose.


It seemed to go on for two minutes, wave after wave of cum blasting

into her face. Eventually it stopped; she swallowed the last load as

Kim popped his cock out of her mouth.


“Good girl,” Kim said and rubbed the rest of his cum in her eyes.


WPC Forbes did a few sperm burps as the Asian boy bowed to his

applauding friends.


Neil and Todd were next up. Two lanky brother, twins who looked

nothing like each other. There cocks were a contrast as well, Todd

was well hung but poor Neil was in the same league as Pete. The boys

tag face fucked the bemused policewoman, then went for another

two-cock cram. The boys were smaller than the West Indian lad so they

managed to get both cock heads in with no trouble they then fucked

away in a mouth full of drool and spunk.


Neil came suddenly pulling out and shooting his load on the WPC’s face

and hat. He walked away pissed off that his brother was still skull

fucking the woman without a sign of letting up. Neil wiped his cop on

the police tunic and Todd piston like hips sent his cock into and out

of the reluctant policewoman’s mouth.


“Here we go, ” Todd said holding he head in a vice like grip while his

cock was flying in and out of her aching lips, stuffing itself all the

way into the back of her throat, and then slipping almost all the way

out before it plugged back in again.


“Now WPC Forbes,” he groaned, “I’m gonna shoot my wad now. Eat it

bitch! Swallow my cum!”


Once again another teenage boy came in the police officers mouth.


“Unnhh! Unnhh! Unnhh!” screamed Todd as he plugged Forbes’s face.


“Tapes out!” Ted yelled.


“Swallow it all cunt!” screamed Todd as his cock spat more spunk into

the policewoman’s throat down into her belly.


“The tapes out! We’ve run out of tape, I’ve got to change it.” Ted

began removing the small half an hour tape.


“Fuck,” Todd felt his cock unplug her throat, then slip out of her

lips; he smacked it in her face, “Juliet fucking blow job Bravo. That

was one great face fuck. You should quite the cops and take up



Dave spoilt Todd’s day, “Todd, the tape ran out.”


“What? Fuck! When?”


Ted was busy putting in a new tape, “After you told her to swallow

your cum.”


“You missed the dick slaps.”


“Yeah, sorry.”


“Fuck,” Todd’s limp dick was wiped on the WPC’s tunic.


“We back in business yet?” asked Dave.


“Yep,” Ted started the video up again.


“You wanna go next Ted?” said Dave.


“Sure, but can we clean her up and bit and can she take her hat off.”


“Can do pal,” Dave gestured to Jake and Pete who took WPC Forbes off

to the kitchen, “Don’t waste the tape Ted.”


“Shit, sorry.” He switched it off.


Newly cleaned up and after a mouthwash WPC Forbes was led back into

the shop.


Ted walked up to her and undid her chinstrap. He slowly pulled her

helmet off to reveal her short brown hair neatly cut but coated in

sweat. Ted threw the hat to Dave. Pete was now in charge of the

video camera.


“You arrested me for shop lifting do you remember that?” He took hold

of one her ears and led her to the freezer; “do you remember?”


Ted sat on the freezer, “I said do you remember?”


“Not sure,” said Forbes, “I arrest a lot of people.”


“You get face fucked by a lot of people?”




“Well at least you’ll remember me for something. Open your mouth.”


WPC Forbes opened wide.


“Looks all clean in there,” Ted examined the policewoman’s mouth, “we

can soon change that.”


“Are you gonna fuck it?” asked Pete impatiently.


“Shut it shit head,” snapped Ted as he undid his trousers let his

prick stick out still covered by his pants, “suck it.”


Forbes paused.


“Suck it through my pants.”


The policewoman bent her head down; slowly her lips surrounded the tip

of his cock through his pants, which were already stained in pre-cum.

She sucked lightly on it as Ted’s hands moved through her hair.


“Suck it harder!” he commanded.


She began to suck noisily on his cloth covered cock. Ted gripped her

hair and pushed her face into his crutch. After a minute he pushed

her away. The contrast confused her; she’d gone from violent mouth

rapes to this.


Ted took his trousers off and stood in his pants and t-shirt in front

of the WPC. He put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her down under

her face was level with his jutting cock.


“Use your teeth and pull my pants down. Then if you can wank me off

in two minutes I won’t make you deep throat me. Dave you can time her

once the beast is out of its cave.”


Dave took out his watch, he knew the rest of the lads in Deep Throat

Ten had made up little sex games to humiliate and debase the officer.


Slowly WPC Forbes bit the top of his pants and started pulling them

down. She pulled it over his erect penis and all of a sudden in

sprung out whacking her on the forehead.


“Its out!” Ted yelled, “time her!”


Forbes instinctively licked his cock.


“No, hands only!”


She pulled back then brought her hands up to his cock. One on the

front of his ten inch monster the second at the base. She started

trying to wank him off.


“Lubricate it,” Ted said, “spit on it.”


Reluctantly WPC Forbes spat on his cock head as she jerked him off.


“Ask it to cum for you!”


The boys were all taking an interest, Pete zoomed in on the WPC

pumping away at the ten inch cock a look of determination on her face

as she said, “Cum for me. Spunk on me. Spunk in my face. Cum on



The boys cheered. Forbes had forgotten they were watching and stopped

urging the prick to cum.


“One minute,” Dave said over the jeers and calls of the other eight



Ted smiled, “It will only cum if you beg it to cum.”


“Please,” WPC Forbes forced herself hoping talking dirty would make

the boy cum, “please spunk up for me. Spray me with sperm. I want my

face covered in your cream.”


The boys laughed as she wanked harder and harder.


“Kiss it, beg it!”


WPC Forbes kissed the thick cockhead, “Cum for me.”


“Tell it that you’re a cuntstable.”


“I’m a cuntstable. A Woman Police Cuntstable. I’m the star of Deep

Throat ten, I must, please cum. Please cum!”


“Thirty seconds!”


She spat on his prick head again, kissed it several times and kept on

begging, “Coat me in cream! Cum!”


No cum came, it just got bigger and as it got bigger she dreaded the

thing invading her mouth and gagging her.




The boys joined in the chant.




“Spunk on me!”




“Give me your cum!”




A few more kisses making Ted shiver.




“Face fuck in five seconds!” Ted cheered.




“No! No more cock! No more deep throat!”




“You’d better believe it Forbes! I’ve waited a year to fuck your lying

cunstable mouth!”




“I’m sorry!”




“Sorry. “




Ted pulled, the WPC was crying at his feet, “I’m sorry I lied,” she



“A two hundred quid fine and twenty hours community service!” Ted

grabbed her hair and lifted her up to face him, “it wasn’t me who

shoplifted and you fucking knew it!”


“Sorry Ted, sorry.”


“Sorry won’t do. Just gag for me and swallow my cum. Where’s this

cunts hat?”


Dave threw it to Ted who put it on the sobbing WPC’s head and did up

the chin straps, “I’m gonna batter your tonsils and shove my cock so

far down until you can feel it coming out of your cunt!”


The boys were cheering as Ted pushed her back on to her knees, they

started chanting, “Gag Forbes! Gag Forbes! Make her gag make her



Ted rubbed his prick on her lips; “You know what to do. Don’t make me

force you. If you do it will hurt even more.”


WPC Forbes kept her mouth shut.


“Right! You asked for this cuntstable!” Ted grabbed her head and

picked her up just as Herbie moved into view with the handcuffs.


Quickly they handcuffed her hands behind her back, a few more boys

came over to help and they lifted her up on to the freezer pinning her

on her back with her head dangling over the side. Upside down she saw

what was coming Ted’s massive dick.


“You lied in court didn’t you WPC Forbes?” asked Ted bitch-slapping

her chin.


“Yes,” she said as fast as she could so that he couldn’t get his dick

between her teeth.


“Open up copper, I’ve got your supper.”


Her mouth closed tight.


Dave smiled, “Right officer, you’ve pissed us off.”


WPC Forbes suddenly remembered what this meant and her mouth became an

O in fear and shock. Just as she started to

scream…”AAAAHHHHrmmmmphhh!” Ted rammed his dick down her throat.

The policewoman’s head was thrown back against the side of the freezer

as Ted raped her gorgeous mouth; He started fucking the terrified

WPC’s mouth just like he was riding a ten-pound whore’s pussy.


Ted wrapped his hands around her neck as he rode her to feel her

throat swell as his cock drove in and out.


“Fuck the bitch’s face!” Pete urged Ted on, “move your hand so we can

get your cock giving her a lump in the throat!”


Impaled upside down on his massive dick WPC Forbes started to

struggle, Ted was going deeper than the other boys had gone, saliva

was running as her mouth instinctively tried to digest the huge meat

shaft. Ted started pounding away, fucking her throat steadily, and

completely ignoring her struggles.


“Riding along on the throat of a cop and my spunk is in her eyes!”

sang Ted as he choke fucked the helpless policewoman. She’d lied in

court because she didn’t like him and they had it on tape, they could

easily create an audiotape of her confession for blackmail. He looked

down at her over stretched mouth and his cock, which was obviously

lodged in her throat by the swelling; he fucked as hard as he could.

This was revenge, with a capital R!


Without warning he pulled out of her throat and heard it make a

popping sound; his cock slid out from her lips leaving a trial of

saliva. She gasped for air coughing, trying to sit up but Ted just

pushed her head back down.


“Not over yet,” he told her.


“No more,” she pleaded hoarsely, “too much. Too hard.”


She was in a daze from lack of oxygen. Ted didn’t want to kill her so

he waited until her breathing got back to normal, then impaled her

again, inch by inch, skewering her head on his massive shaft. He

leant on her body grabbing her tits through her crisp white blouse and

began to fuck away again without any care.


This was face fucking at it’s most savage. WPC Forbes was getting a

free lesson in all types of oral sex from these boys, but Ted was (so

far) the most vicious. His massive prick was shoved down her throat

time and time again. Mercilessly he raped the WPC’s throat, fucking

harder, her gasps becoming louder, her mouth full of prick meat and

saliva. After three minutes he pulled out again, while she coughed he

rubbed his balls in her face.


“Lick them,”


She coughed again then started to lick his sweaty sticking ball sack.


“Suck them on by one, roll them around your mouth.”


Ted made a whooping noise as the policewoman sucked one of his

testicles into her aching mouth, her cheeks hollowed as she noisily

sucked on her balls, more saliva drooling out of her lips, down her

face into her eyes on the brim of her police helmet.


“Now suck them both, get them in there, I know you can, you’re mouth

is like Dr Who’s fucking Tardis, small on the outside, huge on the

inside. Your lying fucking mouth is going to suck my balls!”


And it did. Forbes lying mouth sucked the whole ball sack in, until

her nose rubbed the underside of his huge shaft.


“You’re learning Forbes. Suck them nice and hard. Now use your lying

mouth on my cock. Lick the underside of my prick!”


The balls fell out of her mouth; Ted rubbed them in her brown eyes

just for the sheer hell of it and let her lick the tender sensitive

underside of his cock.


“Say ‘you’ve got a nice big cock Ted’.”


Between the licks WPC Forbes humiliated said, “You’ve got a nice big

cock Ted.”


“Kiss it, lick it, worship it.”


Struggling she licked and smooched his shaft.


“Now say ‘I’m a cock eater, I’m only good for eating cock’.”


She wasn’t going to say it.


Ted pulled his dick away from her mouth; “You haven’t learnt a fucking

thing have you?”


He pulled her off the freezer and made her kneel in front of him, her

back to the freezer.


“Noooo!” she panicked, “no, no, no. I’m a cock eater, I’m only good

to eat cock!”


“Exactly,” and with that he forced his massive tool into her pleading

mouth once more and began to make her the cock eater she said she was.


WPC Forbes was like a rag doll being savagely fucked by some wild

beast. The beast was Ted who by now had sandwiched her head between

the side of the freezer and his pounding unstoppable ten-inch prick.

Her mouth was the stretch wide as he choke fucked her with every

lunge. He wasn’t caring now even as he heard her gargle and choke.

He fucked away furiously holding on to the top of the fridge pinning

her head in place, feeling his cock drive in and out of her battered

sore throat.


Her legs kicked every so often as she tried to breath but it didn’t

stop him, his hips drew back and slammed forward at a speed that

surprised all the boys present watching this helpless cop be throat

raped by their friend.


Ted paused leaving his ten-inch cock lodged in her throat. Looked

down at the top of her police helmet then started a new. Faster,



“Come on! Eat it!” he screamed as salvia drooled out of mouth with

each stroke dripping into her lap.


When he eventually came it was like a volcano, he pulled out as his

cock spewed hot creamy spunk into her eyes, her gapping mouth, her

nose, her cheeks, her sweated covered forehead and especially all over

her police helmet, cum soaking the chequered band and the emblem.


Ted stepped back and admired his work. You could hardly see WPC

Forbes face for the sticky hot jism that covered her head.


“At fucking last,” said Dave.


“Did you get all that?” Ted asked Pete.


“It’s all on film,” Pete replied zooming in to a close up of the cum

soaked policewoman.


“Time for another wash down cuntstable,” said Dave lifting her up with

the help of Jake.


They walked into the kitchen. Dave turned on the tape and using a

cloth began to wipe the spunk off of her coughing face. Jake made her

drink some beer out of a can, swill it around her mouth and spit out.


“How many more,” she croaked.


“Two.” Dave cleaned the spunk out of her wide brown eyes.


“Can we make it quick,” she coughed, “was Ted going for some fucking

cock gag record?”


Dave laughed, “You’re getting into this now aren’t you? It’s turning

you on. Ten young lads fucking an old lady like you.”


“I’m only thirty one,” she spluttered as she spat out more beer.


“That’s old for us cuntstable, you’re old enough to be our mother.”


“Do you face fuck your mums then?” she asked as he rubbed the towel on

her face.


” No. But then again my mother isn’t a lying cuntstable.” Dave smiled

in her face, “open your mouth.”


She did slowly.


“There’s still some of Ted’s sperm swimming around in there, for fucks

sake clean it out, Ron and Herbie want a clean mouth. I bet your

throat is sore.”


“Very,” she said hoarsely.


“Never mind, close your mouth, two more to go then we stretch your

cunt and arse.”


She went to protest but Jake poured more beer into her mouth.


Still handcuffed WPC Forbes was led back into the main part of the

shop. Herbie and Ron both stood there their dicks hard aiming at the

constable. Ron was indeed thin but long, it looked like a foot in

length and Herbie although being about the same size as Todd was much

thicker than Ron.


“D’you like my black snake cunt stable?”


WPC Forbes didn’t know whether to speak or not, Dave pushed her

forward towards the two boys.


“Or do you like it thin, long and full of cum?” asked Ron shaking his

cock towards her.


She looked around, wondering what she was supposed to do, then she

said, “You’re all under arrest.”


They laughed.


“You have the right to remain silent….anything you say maybe…”


“I want you to suck my cock WPC Forbes,” said Ron walking towards her,

“do you want me or do you want Herbie? It’s a simple fucking question

even a piglet like you can answer.”


“Not too hard,” she found herself saying, “I’m sore. Not too hard.

Ted was too hard.”


“A choke fucks a choke fuck copper,” it was Herbie he was advancing,

“your final for this tape, then we let you rest a while before we make

tape two. You take her tits Ron I’ll do her mouth.”


“Sure thing,” Ron suddenly darted forward.


Within a few seconds she was on her back Ron sitting on her stomach

pulling aside her chequered cravat and undoing the buttons on her now

sweaty blouse, “This,” Ron is explained, “is a tit fuck.”


He tore open her blouse to be greeted by a white bra covering her

large breasts, “Lovely,” Ron wiggled his finger into the warm heaving

valley between her boobs, “it’s a front loader.” He unclipped the bra

from the front, the cups pinged off and her two pink pillows jumped

out to greet him. In the night air her copper-coloured nipples were

hard and erect.


Ron took her fat mounds in both hands and sank his fingers into her

flesh. He loosened his grip and shook each tit in turn.


Herbie mean while made his way to her head and knelt by it. She was

watching what Ron was doing to her knockers, she didn’t notice him.


“Well fuck ’em then.” Pete said closing in the video camera.


“They sure look accommodating,” smiled Ron shoving his cock and balls

against her jugs


He grabbed each of the WPC’s breasts. It was like grabbing jello in a

plastic bag. Forbes’ head was propped up by Herbie so she could see

and feel her tits being pushed together by Ron and watched as he

shoved his thin long dick between her juicy knockers.


The head of the prick looked so obscene sticking out from her cleavage

pushing towards her face.


Ron’s cock began to slide in and out of her cleavage and with each

stroke the head of the dick popped out hitting her chin, then it

jumped back disappearing into her tit-flesh.


“Lick it,” Ron told her.


The next time the cock head slipped out she began to lap at it with

her tongue tickling the sensitive underside. As it kept fucking

between the WPC’s tits and in and out of her mouth the boys cheered

and Herbie pushed her head more forward until the cock head

disappeared into her mouth as it shot out from her tits.


WPC Forbes gave her first tit and mouth fuck to a 16 year old boy on

the dirty floor of a disused shop that night. Her first because as

the newly appointed community police officer (she was asked for

specifically by residence, namely the boys, a week after this

incident) she was to give at least sixty more tit and mouth fucks to

residence old and young. But we are moving a head to quickly, back to

the action.


Herbie pulled her head back so Ron’s cock buffeted against her chin.

He pulled her head to the side and pushed his prick into her mouth.

Her eyes widened as fed inch after inch of cock meat into her mouth.

WPC Forbes felt the black boys dick slither over her tongue edging

closer and closer to the back of her throat.


At the same time she could feel her tits being buffeted by Ron’s dick,

as it smashed against her neck, grinding his balls under her jugs and

making her cleavage all wet a slipper with his pre-cum.


WPC Forbes didn’t know where she was any more, she could move, she

gave up kicking her legs. She wanted to pull the dick out of her

mouth and throw Ron off of her breasts, but she couldn’t do anything

and in the mist she saw Pete behind Herbie’s shoulder video taping the

whole thing.


She felt herself gagging on the monster dick that was moving deeper

and deeper into her throat, while her flopping tits were being used as

a cunt, squeezed and squashed by a jeering Ron.


“Fuck, this is great. Fucking great! Ever been done like this before

Forbes? Ever tit fucked a guy before?”


Herbie wasn’t as violent as Ted, he was slower more methodical. He

let his cock lie in her throat then slowly drew it out; it was, as she

would find out in a few minutes, the calm before the storm.


“Do you like that WPC Forbes?” asked Dave looking over catching her



“She loves it,” smiled Ron as he shafted the policewoman between her

tits, ripping at the nipples as the knockers heaved and bounced to his

frenzied pounding, “She wants more, I can tell. She wants us to try

out each of her holes. Isn’t that what you want Juliet Bravo?”


And as Ron laughed, he began to cum.


His cock kept slicing in and out of her cleavage as the sperm began to

blast from the head of his dick. The first shot was the most

powerful, it sailed up into the air and fell in a long clotted string

on the side of her face, over her helmet, soaking her ear and strap.


“Oh, here comes more cunstable, all for you,” moaned Ron as he kept

pumping in and out of her jugs.


The spunk kept blasting; some of it deposited in the hot, sweaty

valley between her tits. It collected in thick blobs until his cock

slid over it, smearing it all over her soft flesh rubbing it into her

skin with each stroke.


By the time he’d finished her neck and side of her head was coated in

a thick layer of hot cream. Ron held each tit in turn and wiped his

cock head on her nipples. Then he slapped her boobs with his thick

sticky cock and stood up.


Herbie pulled out as Ron rose. WPC Forbes gasped for air, thinking it

was all over, but Herbie just repositioned himself, going to the top

of her head. She looked up and could see the glistening thick black

cock hovering over her face, pre cum dripping into her eyes. She also

noticed his fat sweaty balls that were now level with her eyes.


“Dave did tell you I hate coppers,” snarled Herbie, “But I don’t hate

fucking them. Get in close Pete, you don’t want to miss this.”


Herbie straddled her head from behind, his arse now level with her

face. She now knew what he was going to do. Slowly, the 16-year-old

boy lowered his arse onto her face, “Rim me!” Herbie commanded.


“What?” WPC Forbes really didn’t understand.


“Stick your tongue up my arse! French kiss the brown star fish!”

yelled Herbie slammed his arse down sitting on her face.


Her whole body jerked as Herbie sat on her head, grinding his arse in

the WPC’s face.


Ted watched in awe and said to no one in particular, “Now there’s a

sight you don’t see every day.”


If someone was to walk into what used to be a grocery shop in the

small shopping precinct somewhere in England at about one in the

morning they would have been greeted with an amazing sight. Eight

boys cheering, laughing and clapping, another smaller boy holding a

video camera filming a large black boy sitting on the face of a

policewoman. Her tunic gone, her white blouse ripped open with her

jutting breasts heaving covered in a web of white cum. Her lovely

black stockinged legs trying to kick away, one of her shoes off her

feet, her arms under her back with her hands firmly cuffed. She was

still wearing her police helmet that could be seen poking out from

underneath the fat brown arse that was firmly planted on her face.

She shoved up trying to get him off but he held onto her nipples and

started riding her like a bucking bronco. In the end she stopped move

as the more she did the more her face disappeared up his surprisingly

clean arse crack.


Herbie leant forward pulling his bum off her face; she took in a few

gulps of air as he asked, “Like the view officer? Now lick it.”


“Tapes out!” yelled Pete.


“Aw, fuck it,” Herbie slammed again on her face, “you got anymore?”


“We’ve got a job lot,” replied Ted.


They reloaded the camera.


“C’mon Herb, get it over and done with, some of us are waiting for

some more action,” Rob moaned.


“You’re not going to shit in her mouth are you?” asked Pete excitedly.


WPC Forbes heard this and started to struggle.


“Don’t be fucking sick!” yelled Herbie, “what do you take me for some

fucking pervert?”


“Well, we are all perverts aren’t we?” asked Pete, “we all choke fuck

the woman, you sit on her face, Ron tit fucks her……” he trailed

off seeing the anger in Herbie’s eyes, “okay I’ll shut up.”


Dave took the camera and started filming again, “Time is running out

Herb, we have to move on.”


“And move on we shall,” said Herbie lifted his arse off of WPC Forbes



Her slid back until his balls touched her eyes; “You can rim me

another day sweet meat.”


He positioned the head of his thick black cock so it rubbed against

her lips, “Open wide baby,” he whispered and slid his cock into her

mouth, slowly, very slowly at first. A few inches in he shifted his

weight pressing on her soaked tits with his hands pushing his cock

deeper into her mouth, his balls rubbing over her eyes and nose.


“Here we go!” yelled Herbie and took his hands away from her tits

letting his body fall on to hers and his cock slam fast into her

throat, his balls slapping on her face. Then he began to fuck her.


In the 69 position he body slammed into her driving his huge wet black

prick in and out her mouth his balls punching her eyes with each

stroke. He held her onto her hips, reached around and lifted her arse

burying his face into her crotch, biting away through her skirt.


Dave zoomed in on the helpless WPC’s face as the thick black monster

flew in and out of her gapping mouth. Her face was screwed up, eyes

tight shut, tears rolling out, down into her ears.


“Eat it you fucking cockeater!” Herbie yelled as he pounded away.


Her sore throat was forced open again and again as the boy fucked in

and out of mouth. The only sound heard from her was the cock popping

in and out of her gullet. Her throat was seen pushing up then down as

the black kid choke fucked her until inevitably she fainted.


And as she did Herbie jerked up pulling his cock out and with a

triumphant “Yes!” he spewed hot thick spunk all over her silent face.







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